Installation of Flooring 

Commercial flooring installation is our speciality. Our commercial flooring contractors are located all over the United States and our turnaround time for flooring installation is second to none. RCC is simply your best choice for
your commercial flooring project, no matter what type of flooring you decide. Some of our installation projects have included commercial carpets, tile, marble, vinyl, rubber flooring, and more. We offer top commercial grade flooring products and can give you a reliable estimate and timeframe for your business. We also use the latest technology for installation and maintaining carpet and hard surface floors. Call us today to find out how we can handle your commercial flooring project.


Qualified flooring installation experts work around your schedule to get each project completed on time and coordinated with other construction trades. Every project is coordinated with the architect, design firm, client, general contractor and manufacturer.


Why RCC Flooring? 

On Site Consultation

Seaming Diagrams

Materials Handling

Warehousing & Delivery

Inspection & Insurances

Installation Scheduling & Supervisions

Flexible Installation Hours (24 hours, 7 days)

On Site Preparation & Supervision

Furniture Moving

Furniture Lift System

Removal of Old Flooring


Sub floor Testing & Preparation

Trained & Certified Company Mechanics

Application of New Floor

Qualified Workmanship

Workmanship Warranties


CSI Codes  

09000 - Finishes

09550 - Wood Flooring

09560 - Wood Strip Flooring

09565 - Wood Block Flooring

09570 - Wood Parquet Flooring

09580 - Wood Composition Flooring

09590 - Resilient Wood Flooring

09650 - Resilient Flooring

09660 - Resilient Tile Flooring

09665 - Resilient Sheet Flooring

09675 - Static Control Resilient Flooring

09678 - Resilient Base & Accessories

09680 - Carpet

09682 - Carpet Cushion

09685 - Sheet Carpet

09690 - Carpet Tile

09698 - Indoor / Outdoor Carpet

09720 - Epoxy Marble Chip Flooring

09755 - Plastic Laminate Flooring


Why RCC Flooring?
CSI Codes

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